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When looking for Silicon Valley video production to meet your business needs, you undoubtedly know that web video is THE key to successful business marketing and communication. This applies to web video of all types, whether it’s communicated externally or internally.

But given the importance of video to a company or organizational message puts on lots of pressure. You’ve got to get it right the first time. You need s Silicon Valley video production company that views your project from YOUR perspective… who works to achieve YOUR video goals and brings the proper focus to YOUR target audience. All the while it needs to make sense for YOUR bottom line. But does such a Silicon Valley video production company exist?

We are that Silicon Valley video production company.

We are so sure we can meet your needs that we guarantee results for your video project.

Guaranteed Work
We guarantee our video work…

We’re a unique Silicon Valley video production company: we guarantee our work. We can do that because we’re so sure of the process and relationship with our clients. You can’t get that promise from any other Silicon Valley video production company.

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Over 30 years of experience
From tape to DVD and the web…

We’ve been doing Silicon Valley video productions for satisfied clients since 1981, when VHS and Betamax were kings of the distribution formats. Now we deliver digital video on the web and DVD so that your message can reach around the globe.


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Client Focused Videography
Independent audit rates us 100%…

When surveyed by an independent auditing service at San Francisco State University, “If you need the services of a video production company in the future, would you call or recommend Penrose Productions?” 100% of our clients surveyed said “YES!” to that question.

We're YOUR kind of video production company...
We know that our Silicon Valley video production clients have to PRODUCE RESULTS in a very demanding business environment. Our role to be YOUR video and multimedia experts so that you can achieve your communications objectives..

We’ve produced client-focused videos since 1981 in Silicon Valley. But we’ve gone beyond Silicon Valley video productions. We’ve literally gone from the Bay Area, and Northern California traveled around the globe and all over the U.S. to do so. Our facility boasts a complete Silicon Valley video production environment, from concept development, pre-production, production, editing, preparation for the web and duplication of media. We bring broadcast quality production equipment to our Silicon Valley video production shoots, as well as in the edit.

It’s critical in today’s web video environment to help you put your video on YouTube and other hosting sites. And we know how to optimize those videos and get you found in the search engines.

Here are some of the companies you'll recognize that have put their trust in us:

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