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Engaging Video — a Must

Show and sell: engaging video is a must for consumers Why do consumers want engaging video content? There are countless businesses that lean heavily on their web presence to drive sales and awareness of their product or service. But the common denominator is that they all seek to establish a connection with their clients.  The good news…


Create a Great Testimonial Video

Creating a Great Testimonial Video is Simple, but not Easy Any business in Silicon Valley that wants to leverage video productions for marketing needs to consider testimonial videos. Video is now the most powerful tool for online communication on the internet, and is overtaking text as the preferred method of information sharing. And despite the…


Making YouTube Videos Go Viral

Is there really a trick to making YouTube Videos go viral? Going viral is a universal, if lofty goal for just about any YouTube video. However, it takes large portions of both skill and luck to have the video get millions of hits. Especially so in the arena of business videos. But are millions of…


Silicon Valley Video Production

Our happy Silicon Valley video production customers and their testimonials confirm our continued success in bringing great value. When clients get to experience our service and our capabilities, they seem to always come back for more. Amazingly, many of our clients have employed us even as they’ve gone on to other positions and other companies…