Client focus

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We have always prided ourselves on keeping our client focus.

Since opening our doors in 1981 we’ve known that a singular client focus is critical to maintaining a video production company in Silicon Valley where customers were to come back time and agin.

So how did we do it? We hired an independent auditing agency to poll our customers.

They devised a great question: “If you need the services of a video production company in the future, would you call or recommend Penrose Productions?”

Because we have a laser-like client focus, each and every one of our clients surveyed said “YES!”

The goal of this independent audit was created to furnish businesses and consumers a level of confidence in dealing with potential new vendors in Silicon Valley. In order to receive the certification, a supplier had to submit a list of all clients they’ve had over the past several years. Then, researchers at an independent research group based at California State University, San Francisco contacted a large sample of clients to judge customer satisfaction. Only after completing this rigorous examination (along with checks for company liability insurance, business licenses, etc.) was the company classified as “certified.” In the most recent survey, Penrose Productions received a 100% satisfaction rating.

Now that’s client focused. And our commitment is to keep it that way!

The way we do this is to work closely with the clients to be sure that they and all stakeholders are satisfied with the status of the project before going forward. That way, we don’t get objections (an possible hard feelings) later.