Guaranteed Video Productions

Guaranteed Video Productions in Silicon Valley — who stands behind their work?

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When you’re looking for professional video production work in the Silicon Valley, there is really only one company to call: Penrose Productions.

At Penrose Productions, we have over 3 decades of award-winning Silicon Valley video production experience, and offer you GUARANTEED satisfaction on the work we do for you, even though the work is almost always custom.

But how do we deliver guaranteed  Silicon Valley video production work?

Good question!  After all, you don’t see that offer from other Silicon Valley video production companies you might deal with, do you?

The answer to that tough question: COLLABORATION.

We work as your PARTNERS in the production of your video. We are completely invested in YOUR success.  From the beginning, we discuss with you what your objectives are for the video production:

  • what it should accomplish when viewed,
  • how it will work with other portions of the message and the project, and
  • how it will be viewed and/or implemented.

It didn’t take us long to figure out that no video can ever accomplish impactful results if it’s not used, so we can work with you to figure out how to best present it to the intended audience.  We focus an top-flight MBA viewpoint with 3+ decades of experience in Silicon Valley video production to determine what results can be reasonably expected.  Our experience therefore reaches from producing quality award-winning videos to a huge variety of business applications as well. We’ve developed Silicon Valley video productions to help communicate to audiences for non-profits to high tech, and ranging from sales and marketing to communications to training.

However, we’ll be the first to admit that video productions are rarely used in isolation.

A more common practice will be for the video to be used alongside other materials, personal presentations, etc. to achieve the desired results. Again, this is where our business school background and years of business and communications experience come in. We work WITH you to integrate the the video production with the other materials. We can aid you in looking STRATEGICALLY for the project before getting down to the tactics of the video production.

It’s a demanding communications world today.

Various estimates say that the average American is exposed to thousands of advertising impressions throughout the day. While you video might not be an “advertisement” per se, this is indicative of the bombardment of external messages that your viewer receives. So long gone are the days when companies could afford the luxury of creating fluff programs.  Your video production dollars are an INVESTMENT, and we want to aid you in creating a positive return on that investment.

From the practical perspective, during the  introductory process, we develop a list of objectives and benchmarks with you.  We then help develop the video that will match those bottom-line goals, whatever they might be. We can even help create measurement methodology and programs if the impact is not directly related to the bottom line. This could include some or all of the following:

  • improved employee attitudes,
  • increased program awareness,
  • lowered error rates,
  • more visitors to a trade show booth,
  • etc..

Ultimately our commitment to you is that if you don’t feel that we provided a worthwhile return on investment, YOU DON’T PAY!

You just can NOT get that warranty from another Silicon Valley video production company.

Not only are our customers delighted with our close consultative approach that provides the basis for our guaranteed video productions, but we’ve had the added byproduct of developing some excellent relationships with them as well. Many we count as friends as our bond develops. You can even find numerous Facebook and LinkedIn fans among our list of customers who have received the benefits of our guaranteed video productions.

But please understand that because we will depend on each other for those results, we can not accept all projects.  In several cases in the past, for example, after meeting with the client we have recommended that a video production is not the best way to bring about the desired results.

But it’s absolutely free to see if that’s the case. Contact us today to get a no-risk assessment of your project.