Sales and Marketing Videos

Here are samples of our many Silicon Valley sales and marketing video productions…


Tech sales and marketing video:


This sales and marketing video for Avistar’s partners introduced the advanced HD teleconferencing system that was a new offering from Avistar. Testimonials were a key part of the video.


Testimonial product video:

NDS Surgical Imaging “Zerowire”

This sales and marketing video shows the many features, benefits and advantages of using NDS wireless remote HD monitors in the hospital operating room. Testimonials from a doctor and nurse were a great addition to create credibility.


Multiple national award winner:

Adecco “Job Shop”

This sales and marketing video introduced the Adecco Job Shop kiosk that was placed in malls and other high traffic area to find prospective employees. This sales and marketing video received 4 national awards plus 2 local awards, including the Best of Show from the ITVA San Francisco chapter.


National award winner:

Telespree/Nuance Capabilities Video

This video annaounced the partnership of Telespree and Nuance to create disposable cell phones that were activated by voice recognition. This video features the CEOs from both companies.


Honored with multiple national awards:

Flextronics “Global Solutions”

This Flextronics capabilities video includes excerpts from this sales and marketing video. It shows the wide variety of services that Flextronics offers. It was the winner of national Videographer, Axiem and Aegis awards.

Our first award winner with national and local awards:

Quantum “Quality”

Done in an Olympic year, this sales and marketing video uses Olympic sport images to illustrate the qualities of Quantum hard drives. Since their markets are worldwide we chose international sports rather than those such as American football and baseball This video won a national Cindy and a local Joey award for sales andmarketing videos.


Goin’ to the dogs:

PetSmart “Doggie Day Camp”

This sales and marketing video launched the unveiling of the Doggie Day Camps at PetSmart. We used the script that was developed by PetSmart and shot and edited it to their narration and music tracks.

A new concept:

PetSmart “PetsHotel”

This sales and marketing video production was used to introduce the new concept of PetsHotels opened inside select PetSmart stores. It was shot simultaneously to the “Doggie Day Camp” video.


Several trips to China:

QPL Ltd.

We have traveled to China and other countries to shoot several times for QPL. One trip actually involved a round-the-world video trip. This sales and marketing video is still shown by them at trade shows.

Round-the-world shooting:

ASAT “Edquad”

We also traveled around the world to several ASAT facilities, and this sales and marketing video combined existing footage from several of these trips along with animation of a new chip concept.

Another multiple national award winner:

Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Co. Tour

This video includes clips from the tour of the plant led by the now-famous Angus the dog. Visitors view this video prior to the plant tour. It is the winner of national Aegis and Videographer awards.

The tough life — shooting a video in paradise:

Napili Kai Beach Club Resort

The Napili Kai Beach Club Resort on Maui needed a sales and marketing video that they could share with travel agents to get them to bring in more patrons. We also re-purposed much of the footage into a video souvenir sold on the property.


For more video samples, please consult the Penrose Productions video portfolio page.