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Web Marketing - Silicon Valley and Worldwide
You have to know that print ads, Yellow Pages, and other traditional advertising methods have proven unresponsive and have given way to the internet. Practically everyone searches the web to find their suppliers and vendors. This is done on the desktop or a wide array of portable devices.

Business owners are faced first with the challenge of getting found on the web, then getting your information viewed, and the customer hearing and accepting your call to action. But when push comes to shove, business owners also should know that there is no magic bullet in internet marketing.

To get discovered and used on the internet, you need a wide-ranging strategy. Many techniques and tactics are used to bring in business, and no one strategy is right for everyone.

We will happily do a free audit of your web marketing approach (if you even have one) and recommend ways to increase your visibility and customer conversions. There is never an obligation.

Want more customers? Web marketing is our specialty…

Questions for the small business owner:

  • Do you want more business?

  • Have you tried traditional advertising and promotions and find they don’t work very well any more?

  • Are you struggling to keep up with the competition?

  • Do you find internet marketing baffling?

  • Is online marketing out of your expertise?

  • Do you wish your website would actually bring customers to your business?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, Penrose Productions Marketing could be just what you are looking for you ease your marketing pain.

These days, an ever-increasing percentage of customers are finding their vendors on-line, whether the business segment is B-to-B or it’s B-to-C. Print advertising, cold calling and the Yellow Pages are dying — or some would say already dead. The smart business owner needs to market on-line.Go where your customers are looking.

Website Construction and Design
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • WordPress blog
  • Installation of Google analytics
  • Website maintenance
Video Marketing
  • All aspects of video production
  • Placement on YouTube and other online services
  • Getting video views and subscribers on YouTube
Local Business Directory Optimization – Establish and maintain listings in
  • Google Places
  • Yahoo
  • MS/Bing
Email Marketing
  •   Online offers
  • Online email capture
  • In-store email capture
  • Email autoresponder sequences
Online Reputation Management
  • Yelp setup and reviews
  • LinkedIn setup, recommendations and testimonials
Search Engine Optimization: Showing the search engines that your website is among the most popular in town
  • Keyword analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • On-page search engine optimization

    o       Proper setup of site:

    o       Regular blog posts

    o       RSS feeds

    o       Blog creation

    o       Videos

    • Off-page SEO

    o       Article creation and submission

    o       Press release creation and submission

    o       Get backlinks from other sites

    o       YouTube and other videos

    o       Google Places and other business directories

    o       Social media

Facebook and Other Social Networks
  • Page setup
  • Regular postings
  • Facebook ads
  • Coupons and specials
  • Location & tagging programs
Mobile Services
  • Creation of mobile-friendly website for mobile devices
  • Automatic redirection to mobile site when using mobile devices
  • QR codes
  • Text message marketing